This is good stuff


If you watch this every morning you’ll probably have a more productive day. I might give it a try cause when I watch it I want to try and bench press my car and climb the first mountain in sight.


Heading out

At 9:05 am August 6 Delta flight 619 leaves for Detroit, and connects to Rome after a short layover for a total of 14.5 hours of flight time.  From Rome the train ride to Bologna is a little over two hours and puts me in my final destination for the time being.  A day and a half later on the ninth I begin a tryout session, twice a day, for about four days during which coaches/scouts for professional indoor volleyball teams will be analyzing the play of our group.  Each team is in search of a player to contribute to the already existing team in any of the local countries.

My goal is to catch the eye of one such team and have the opportunity to sign my name on the dotted line.

Wish me luck…