Wie Geht’s

A week or so ago, the 2nd, a clean, modern Railjet wove a path through the green landscaped between Vienna and Munich carrying a group of people who I had never met and myself.  It sure wasn’t free, €85 later the ticket booth spat out some freshly printed permission to experience a huge decrease in personal space and comfort.  The comfort spoken of is the train station bench.  Maybe that puts train travel in perspective, but it sure beats defying gravity in an aluminum Pringles can with four jet engines and seat taken from some poor girls barbie corvette (at least thats how I feel in an airplane, an object engineered to be comfortable for very small, slightly deaf people who can ready skymall more than 5 times and unable to describe the lawn yeti statue word for word).

So I made it to Munich.

I was picked up by Tobi, a class/team mate at UCSD last year who is also a Munich suburbs local.  The past week or so I have been all over Munich and Bavaria, climbing castles and learning about stuff in museums, and maybe drinking a few beers.  Twice I have had Asian food and been pleasantly surprised.  So far all that is missing in Munich is a Rigoberto’s Taco a block or two from the ocean. Otherwise, nothing is missing.

In the pictures: BMW HQ “BMW Welt (World)”, the Olympic park and view from the tower, multiple castles and the surrounding mountains, the view from a summit in the Alps, a large cathedral in town, some great meals, and some of my favorites from the most amazing museum I have ever seen.

Also I forget to mention the surfers in the last few pictures, apparently there is one good spot in Munich.  I will upload the video soon enough, but check out the line up.


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