Casinos, the lake, a castle and beyond

The next destination, post-Bologna, was Gorizia on the border of Italy and Slovenia.  We managed to play one match against a local club team, our first competition and our first win.  The gym was no longer plywood and lacking A/C, although the weather was much more pleasant.  The city was splattered with Casinos and so we had to try out the local entertainment.  Despite the language barrier, the casino experience wasn’t anything different than in the States besides the “no fun” policy.  One of my team mates hit his jersey number roulette and we celebrated as necessary only to be quickly hushed and informed there would only be one more round on this table.  No fun. Fun.

Other than no fun, I was not fond of the lack of refrigerated drinks, including milk (refrigerate after opening).  How can you have a cold glass of whole milk when the milk is sitting on a shelf at room temperature? Clearly I wasn’t meant to live in Gorizia.

The pictures few pictures are below, and then I’ll move on to Slovenia.

Slovenia is like nowhere else I have been – the train ride in to Bled from Gorizia was exceptionally beautiful. The pictures are awesome but don’t do the area justice. You have to see this place in person if you ever have the chance. I am determined to go back in the future. I will let the pictures do most of the talking, but I will add what is necessary. The train ride was just less than an hour, and usually would be a great time to nap. However, as I mentioned it was too beautiful to pass up and so I didn’t. The tracks weave through a mountain pass and drop you off above the lake. Its a short walk around the edge of the water to the hotels but the walked turned into more of a stroll due to the endless sights and sounds. After settling in we set out to make the swim to a small island in the lake and I took as many pictures as I could along the way. Here is what i got, they are also on my facebook page a little larger versions if you really want to see the castle well.


3 thoughts on “Casinos, the lake, a castle and beyond

  1. Oh my goodness gracious Calvin. That is absolutely beautiful. Your trip sounds like so much fun!!!!!:):):) these pics are gorgeous. Live it up!!:):) hope vball is goin well..domination:):) miss you! LOVE THESE PICS

  2. Just know that these pictures are beautiful nightmares if you don’t come out on top. Keep your eyes on the prize.

    Cue dramatic music.

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