Buon Giorno

As most of you are headed to bed I am destroying some morning pastries and yogurt in the lobby.  Dinner last night wasn’t so bad either – lasagne alla bolognese and seasoned chicken plus rolls.  This meal was merely a room service snack, but I’ve yet to have a better dinner in my life besides Sara’s grilled cheese.  Food here sure is almost as important as family, and if you’ve ever seen a Godfather movie you know how important family is to the Italians.

Without a doubt the changes take some getting used to for an inexperienced world traveler, but so far the change has been a pleasant experience.  Nearing a complete adjustment to the drastic time zone difference (as I have mentioned +9 hours), I am feeling more and more at home.  There are still a few “things” holding back my assimilation and here are just a few…

Apparently there is a floor 0 and -1 in my hotel, and I am glad that I’m on a positive integer floor.  This tiny little juice cup was good for a couple of sips before a refill, and julia look at how small it looks in my hand!  This last picture is the view out my window and I apologize that you can’t feel the weather but its just like home, perfect.


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