Made it

I took a few pictures along the way, which was quite a “way.”  The fact that I made it to my hotel without missing my train or getting a little lost was a mini-miracle.

On the plane I spent the majority of my time reading my Italian guide book, focusing on the airport and train station methods to avoid madness and pickpockets.  I was more prepared for the trip from the airport in Rome to my hotel in Bologna than I have been for any midterm the last three years in college.  And somehow I managed to do everything wrong and still end up right here in my hotel room.

Theses pictures are the only evidence that I made it, or at least that my iPhone made it.

In order, left to right top to bottom:  lots of leg room aka “lol”, a super fast train sorta, random tall buildings, my hotel SavHotel, my bed for now, toilet/bidet weird, hotel room key keeps the lights on (took a few tries to figure it out), and i guess that’s a power outlet.


3 thoughts on “Made it

  1. Glad to see you are there. I’m sure quite the adventure. Careful for the weird looking toilet next to the toilet.

  2. Calvin!!!!! Ahhh so glad you made it safely:):) those pics are so fun..keep posting more:) we are all so proud of you and miss you already. Take a pic of you holding a peanut;) hehe!!!! Looking forward to more posts:):)

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