Hope you have google translator


Our tour director sent us this link recently, and apparently the locals are excited about our arrival. If you can’t read italian the I will paraphrase from what google translated for me: There is a USA volleyball team coming to Bologna to practice at some gym at some time and here is a list of their names.

Its cool, but in LAX were I am writing this, a couple jogged up to their gate 10 min after their plane left and then literally exploded in an array of emotions cursing the gate crew. It started with some frustrated, out of breath questions and expanded into iphone slamming, cursing, complaints about the effectiveness of the airport staff due to their obesity, to excessive sobbing arriving finally at polite conversation about booking the next flight. MTV’s latest show LAX gate 69A was based on this event.

So far its been an entertaining trip, hopefully it doesn’t slow down here…


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